Monday, July 27, 2009


Something happened today that I didn't think was possible in Oklahoma---IT RAINED---and was cloudy with rain showers on and off ALL DAY!!! Oh, it was glorious!!!! I woke up to rain showers...and it was in the 70s. Delicious! But I maintained realism and assured myself that by noon it would be sunny. Lunch break at noon came and went and it was still cloudy....right after lunch the rain was so loud that you could hear it on the roof in Lauren's office at the Vis. I thought, for sure I won't be so lucky as to experience this rain after work. I had to do laundry after I got home and was so certain that by the time I finished with laundry, went home, and changed for my run that it would be sunny and humid. I was once again wrong. MY RUN WAS OUTSTANDING!

I had the road almost entirely to myself. The sky was gray and the rain was literally pounding. I ran four miles today. At the turn around point at the Nature Center I put my ipod on pause and just stood there in the middle of the road listening. No one was at the Nature Center. Travertine Island was deserted. There were no cars. No people. Only the sound of the rain on the pavement and the leaves...and the locust. I think that was my surprising part of today---locust still sing in the rain. How awesome.

I was absolutely soaked by the time I finished---I was actually soaked before I was a quarter mile into my run---and it was beautiful!!!

A full day of clouds and rain...rain, rain, PLEASE don't go away!


Jonny T said...

I LOVE these kind of days! Glad you were able to have one!

Danielle said...

Woohoo, happy rain day!

btw, I loved the pic of the opossum. I think he would make a great brother to Soba.