Friday, July 24, 2009

Looks Who's On the NPS Website!

I came into work yesterday to find Eric at his desk VERY excited! On his computer screen was the NPS home page and featured for this week as the first picture on the banner of the webpage is Chickasaw NRA!

You can see it here!

The first picture is of our Junior Ranger Station--that's Eric in the window of the Junior Ranger Station and his son and daughter in the picture too!

If you're reading this entry after one week from its posting, select "view all" in the bottom right hand corner of the banner and you'll see our photo there.

And then he pointed out our park's webpage and upon scrolling down....

what did I see?


Check it out!

That's me swearing in Junior Rangers on the 4th of July!

Fun publicity day!


Jonny T said...

You are a celeb-ri-ty! That's sweet!