Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet the Nature Center Animals

I thought a few introductions are necessary. These are the living animals in our nature center. Please let me clarify that the animals are not permanent exhibits (with the exception of the Barred Owls who are injured and wouldn't survive in the wild).

Drum roll please....

Red Eared Slider:

Great Plains Rat Snake:

Prairie Kingsnake:

Rough Green Snake:

A toad:

The Barred Owls:

The nature center did once upon a time have venomous snakes and dangerous spiders, but several years ago these animals were given to institutions that specialize in their particular needs and have the appropriate safety mechanisms for the people that handle them.


Mark H said...

With all the animal friends you have at the nature center, plus all the other ones you meet around the park and on your runs, I think you could star in your own National Geographic animal special. Marty Stouffer aint got nothing on you....

Jonny T said...

Woah! Intense snakes. Do the owls talk to each other?