Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Luck Natasha!

Today was Natasha's last day at Chickasaw NRA. She is moving to Texas to work at Big Bend.

In Park Service fashion there was a farewell gathering at the Vis today. People from all divisions came to wish Natasha well.

There was a beautiful cake with the arrowhead on it,

a presentation of a plaque in the shape of Oklahoma with an arrowhead and name plate on it, with all the names of the employees of Chickasaw NRA handwritten on the back,

and other gifts from divisions and individuals.

Eric read a special poem written about Big Bend by a ranger from the mid 1940s. Very historic and very fun.

We wish you luck Natasha in your new endeavors!


Jonny T said...

The "Vis"? Is that the lingo I can use to find you tomorrow? See you in a few hours!