Monday, June 29, 2009

A Virtual Tour of the Office

I thought it might be interesting for some of you to see where I'm working. I think these pictures will give you a pretty good idea of where I work. So, welcome! Let me give you a little tour! Follow me!

When you first come in the back door (employee entrance) you walk into a common area. I don't know exactly what it's called, but I think it's a very cool room. I find something new in it every time I walk through. There are costumes for interpretive programs, a laminator (I drool over this each day), the bison box-of-parts for the ranger talks, and tons of other cool objects. For instance...

this stuffed animal is one of the objects in this room. I haven't learned much about this owl yet, but I know I will. Continuing through this room you come to the next room.

I work in the Office of Interpretation. Behind this door are our offices!

This is the view as soon as you walk into the room. Looking straight back to the back right hand corner is Lauren's desk and my desk. We eat lunch at this table closest to the door and Eric's desk and Dakota's desk is across from Lauren's in the other back corner (not seen in this photo).

And here is Lauren putting the Trail to Rails volunteer packets together!

I have not photographed the rooms between my office and the nature center's lobby...but in between is the library (complete with skylight!), and more offices. As you exit the other room of offices you come out behind the visitor center's desk and the owls are to your right. In front of you is the nature center. I think the building is beautiful. The Travertine Creek runs under the building and there are glass windows on one side of the building that looks into the Creek. The Nature Center recently got rid of a lot of its live animals---for example, the venomous snakes, but it still has turtles and other tanks of smaller amphibians and non-venomous snakes. It is the policy of the Nature Center to not keep the live animals on display permanently but rather to eventually release them back into the wild. As you might imagine, these live animals are a huge hit with the public, particularly families with small children.

One of the "main features", I think, is Crooked Horn. Crooked Horn used to live in the park, but died of old age. He was then stuffed and is now on display in our Nature Center. Being a huge bison enthusiast I think it's exciting to see one up close.

Completing the tour of the Nature Center is our book store. You can see the Barred Owls in the back behind Lauren and Natasha.

Again, it's not a complete tour. I haven't shown you the auditorium, which I will need to include in a later posting, but it gives you a basic idea. It's a very nice building and I think, has a terrific feel to it. I love coming to work at it.


Jonny T said...

Thanks for the tour! Seeing the back office is like opening the curtain on The Wizard from Oz. Now I not only want to see the exhibits at every NPS site, but I want to see how well organized the offices are.