Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have two updates--both related to birds.

First off, the large birds featured in a previous post that I've been seeing in the park are, from what I understand, Red Tailed Hawks. I think they're so beautiful. I have spent a good amount of time walking around the park watching them.

My second update is about the owls. Today I received this email from my friend Sarah:

"I mentioned your blog to Sue (my fellow naturalist in training) and told her about the barred owls you have. She asked where you were in OK. She asked if it was near Sulphur. I thought it was! Her good friend Lori came from Sulphur, and Sue once put up her little brother for year, and other connections etc.... Anyhoo... It turns out that one of Lori's stories was about an owl that her mother hit with the car. She called Lori hysterically and asked her what to do. Lori suggested the local park service. It could just be that one of those owls was hit by the mother of the good friend of a Capitol Hill resident! Talk about coincidences! The world is a very small place. Sarah"

How wild is this? The world is indeed small. This very well could be how the Travertine Nature Center came to attain Prince, one of our Barred Owls.