Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trail Run

I got up this morning for my run and followed the Buffalo Trail. It was beautiful, serene, and shaded....I was running along listening to my ipod (I know, but I like the company) when on the trail I see a little turtle on the path just looking at me. I stopped and we looked at each other and then as I approached he retreated to his shell. I went on my way, but thought again about how cool it is to have these encounters. I came to a fork on the trail and wasn't really sure which way to take. Mark knows I cannot resist a corner/curve because I always want to see what's around the corner or over the hill. Well, this happened to with a steep incline. I ended up walking up the last bit, but when I got to the top was treated to a magnificent view of the park and Sulphur below me. Green treetops everywhere! It was well worth the climb. I was also greeted by a sign that had distances to other parts in the park...I decided to retreat and follow the other path which took me back to where I started. A slower, but great was fun to run and explore! :)


Mark said...

This sounds like a great run and a great way to start your day! I'm sure this is the first of many great morng runs and encounters with local animals.

Anonymous said...

You have some kind of vibe that pulls animals to you..... first a deer and now a turtle! :)