Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Arrival

So, on Saturday, June 20 we pulled into town. Mark, Soba and I left DC on Thursday, June 18 (the day after the last day of school for DC teachers) and arrived here just 2 1/2 days later! We stopped the first night in Dublin, Va, the second night in Little Rock, AR and then made it to Sulphur by mid afternoon on the third day. Boy is Tennessee a long state!

We were going to go straight to my apartment, but instead, couldn't resist the lure of the brown sign to the park. We drove through it a bit--enjoying the trees, the people, the running water. Parts of it reminded us of DC's Rock Creek Park especially between Pierce Mill and north on Beach Drive.

We didn't go far before we saw Lauren sitting in the Junior Ranger Station! We were so excited to see her! We chatted for a little bit and then decided to explore a little more of the park before going to the apartment. We found the Bison Viewpoint---a major goal of mine! We were so excited to see them and two baby bison!!!!

Lauren promised to stop by after work with my uniform so I could come to work on my first day in my uniform! HOW EXCITED WAS I?????? The hat! The hat! The hat has been on my Christmas list for years---and here I was about to get my very own! So excited!!! :)

So, a little after 5 pm on Saturday, Lauren and Chris, decked out in their own NPS uniforms, brought MY uniform and HAT over!

I think the picture says it all:

That, was my arrival in Sulphur---within the span of less than two hours I saw Lauren, saw the bison, and received my own uniform and HAT! What an awesome arrival!