Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mary McLeod Bethune, Dorothy Height and the National Council of Negro Women

This week is CAS testing for DCPS. I have enjoyed being in my uniform, especially to spice up testing...the uniform reminds me of all the great things education CAN do...and what I fundamentally believe in....

I was excited to have lunch with Jen and to catch up--lots of good things to share! And a most excellent way to spend lunch during National Park Week! :)

As one of the ways to celebrate National Park Week with my students, I arranged field trips to National Parks in DC after school. Today's trip was to the Mary McLeod Bethune National Historic Site. We booked out of school at 3:30 pm and trucked to the site. I had eight students with me.

We arrived and our ranger greeted us and said how fitting that we came to visit today. Had we heard? Dorothy Height passed away at early this morning. Some of my students heard on the news this morning. I had not. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the loss of such a tremendous leader and American hero.

And then very glad that through serendipity I had chosen to come to the home of the National Council of Negro Women today.

I was also very proud of the kids did know about Ms. Height's passing, but also how they already knew something about her!

After a video introduction and a short Q&A, we had an excellent tour of the house with Ranger Margaret Miles. She taught the kids about Mary McLeod Bethune and the National Council of Negro Women---with tremendous passion and reverence.

We were there much longer than anticipated but it was well worth it.

Kemry, Gable and Jordan brought their Passports and just before we left the house those got their stamps.

Ranger Miles was nice enough to take our picture on the front steps as we left.

"On the count of three say, 'National Park Week!"

Mark and Soba met me back at school and I finished putting together the Oklahoma Spring Break collage to hang in the hallway.

Even though I've had the pictures printed for a few days now it's taken me until today to finish arranging and narrating the pictures. It was soooo fun to look through them and to post them!

I'm eager to hear students' and staff reactions tomorrow!

It went a little long and so Mark picked up Burrito Brothers for us and Soba got his cut of the meal too. :)

Oh yeah! And also added to my room are the awesome WPA posters that Lauren lent me for my upcoming WPA/NPS lesson! They look stunning in my room and really brighten it up!

The kids have been very attracted to them. I can't wait to integrate them into my teaching later this week!

I'm excited for my third day of Ranger Amy during National Park Week.


Lauren said...

I got a little teary when I saw the Oklahoma trip banners...and the WPA posters for the lessons! You are a Ranger!!!! :)