Friday, March 26, 2010

Preparing for our Presentation

It is a half day and I am sitting in my room with the four boys and Ms. Jen. We are working on our presentation for our 6th Grade Sulphur students.

We are also working on our blog!

Drum roll please for the release of our new blog site (it will be fully up and running by the start of our trip on Sunday, March 29!). Be sure to sign up as a follower!

Our blog site is:

To see more videos check out our new blog!


Travis said...

As an OU grad and a CNRA Enthusiast I am so glad to see your passion for my two favorite places in the world. Good work and have a safe trip here. And if you need anything in Norman or Sulphur do not hesitate to ask. I live in one and vacation in the other.

Good Luck,