Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meeting with Ms. Jen

Ms. Jen met with us our lunch hour today to prepare for spring break trip--which is in TEN DAYS! She brought us brochures from the National Mall National Parks so that we could put together little goodies for our Oklahoma 6th graders we will be visiting.

We also formed a plan for finishing our presentation. We're going to meet next Friday on our half day and Ms. Jen has graciously agreed to stop by again to help us with that (or maybe even see our nearly finished product!) :)

We reviewed our itinerary for the Oklahoma trip and Owen likes that we're staying in Norman which will remind us of our fellow STAMPSer who is not coming on the trip, but also named Norman. :)

We all can't believe how soon the trip is! :) AND WE'RE ALL SO EXCITED!