Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks Eric and Vickie!

This is a special shout out to Eric and Vickie! On my last days they both gave me something very special....

Vicki made me a fantastic photo cube that I absolutely love---each side of the cube has a different picture of our staff doing various things in the office. It's a great photo cube and one that I'm glad I will have when I go home!

Vicki also was sooo sooo kind as to go in the owl cage to get me owl pellets. Not just once, but twice. She had put aside several owl pellets for me earlier in the summer, but I never collected them in a bag and subsequently they were thrown out. I wanted to make sure I had some to take back as teaching objects, so Vicki went back in and collected more pellets for me.

Thanks Vicki!!!!

Then, that same afternoon, Eric presented me with a wonderful framed document of the Black Sulphur Springs. I love it! It reminds me of the great afternoon we spent in the Park's archives and it definitely reminds me of all of the great [park] history that Eric knows and likes to share.

I am very honored to have received such a gift and I really love it! I know exactly where I will hand it when I head home! I am so touched! Thank you Eric!